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Gill Tarot Tarot of the Sephiroth Tarot of the Spirit

Golden Dawn Title
Book "T" - The Titles of the Tarot Symbols 1
53. The Lord of Ruin
Crowley: Ruin
Element 2 Air (#11)
Element's Color 3 Yellow
Queen Scale: Sky blue, King Scale: Bright pale yellow
Sephirah Correspondence 5 Malkuth (10), The Kingdom
Mem, Lamed, Kaph, Vau, Tau
The degraded Daughter, the condition of the soul of unenlightened Humanity
10. The Daughter, fallen and touching with her hands the shells.
Intelligence of the Sephirah 6 Resplendent Intelligence
Virtue and Vice of the Sephirah7 Virtue: Discrimination
Vice: Avarice. Inertia
Magical Image of the Sephirah8 A young woman crowned and veiled. (or crowned and throned)
Yetziratic Text 7 The Tenth Path is called the Resplendent Intelligence because it is exalted above every head and sits upon the Throne of Binah. It illuminates the splendours of all the Lights, and causes an influence to emanate from the Prince of Countenances, the Angel of Kether.
Sephirah Color in Queen Scale 3 and 4 Citrine (N), Olive (E), Russet (W), Black (S) Saltire
King Scale: Yellow 4
Kabbalistic World and Color Scale of the Suit Yetzirah (Formative World)
Prince/Emperor Scale
Sephirah Color in Prince Scale 3 and 9 As queen scale [citrine, olive, russet, black], but flecked with gold
Planet of the Sephirah
Angelic Choir
Sphere of the Elements
Eshim (Flames) [Chicken] or Kerubim [Whitcomb]
Symbols of the Sephirah 11 Altar of the double cube. The equal-armed cross. The magic circle. The triangle of art.
Subtle Anatomy of the Sephirah12 Part of Soul: Guph
Chakra: Muladara
Astrological Decan Ruled 13 Sun in Gemini
20deg to 30deg Gemini
Jun 11 to Jun 20
Angels of the Decan 14
From Book "T": "Herein rule"
Dambayah and Menqal
Magical Image of the Decan 15 A man [clothed] in [a coat of] mail {armored with bow}, [with two] arrows, and [a] quiver
Associated Court Card 16 Queen of Cups (20deg Gemini to 20deg Cancer)
Princess/Ace of Disks (0deg Aries to 30deg Gemini)
Keyword for Sun (Symbolic Meaning) 17 xxx
Inner Self; ego; personality; power; ambitious; vitality; self-expression; faithful; loyal; masculine.
Sun's Color in All Four Scales 3 and 18 Sun (#30)
King: Orange, Queen: Gold yellow, Prince: Rich amber, Princess: Amber rayed red
Sun's Traditional Astrological Metal and Color 19 Metal: Gold
Color: Gold, yellow, Red or purple
Sun's Sephirah 20 Tiphareth (6, Beauty)
Keyword for Gemini 21 Vivification
Versatility; I Think; communication; versatility; variety; traveller; progressive; memory; governs hands, arms, shoulders, collarbone, lungs and nervous system; masculine.
Gemini's Color in All Four Scales 3 and 22 Gemini (#17) King: Orange, Queen: Pale mauve, Emperor/Prince: New yellow leather, Empress/Princess: Reddish grey inclined to mauve
Gemini's Traditional Astrological Metal and Color 23 Metal: Mercury
Color: All (especially yellow)
Gemini's Nature and Element 24 Nature: Mutable
Element: Air
Gemini is Ruled by Planet 25 Mercury (Detriment is Jupiter)
Geomantic Sign, if Applicable26 Albus is Mercury in Gemini; there is no sign for Sun in Gemini

Abbreviated Meanings according to Book "T" and Crowley

Book "T" 27
The Four Tens.
Generally show fixed, culminated, completed Force, whether good or evil. The matter thoroughly and definitely determined. Similar to the force of the Nines, but ultimating it, and carrying it out.

Ten of Swords
(Almost a worse symbol than Nine of Swords.) Undisciplined warring force, complete disruption and failure. Ruin of all plans and projects. Disdain, insolence and impertinence, yet mirth and jolly therewith. A Marplot, loving to overthrow the happiness of others, a repeater of things, given to much unprofitable speech, and of many words, yet clever, acute, and eloquent, etc., depending on dignity.
Malkuth of Vav (Ruin, death, defeat, disruption.)
Herein rule Dambayah and Menqal.

Crowley in Book of Thoth 28
The Four Tens
These cards are attributed to Malkuth. Here is the end of all energy; it is away from the "formative world" altogether, where things are elastic. There is now no planetary attribution to consider. So far as the Sephira is concerned, it is right down in the world of Assiah. By the mere fact of having devised four elements, the current has derogated from the original perfection. The Tens are a warning; see whither it leads-to take the first wrong step!
The Ten of Swords is called Ruin. It teaches the lesson which statesmen should have learned, and have not; that if one goes on fighting long enough, all ends in destruction.
Yet this card is not entirely without hope. The Solar influence rules; ruin can never be complete, because disaster is a sthenic disease. As soon as things are bad enough, one begins to build up again. When all the Governments have smashed each other, there still remains the peasant. At the end of Candide's misadventures, he could still cultivate his garden.

Ten of Swords: Ruin
The number Ten, Malkuth, as always, represents the culmination of the unmitigated energy of the idea. It shows reason run mad, ramshackle riot of soulless mechanism; it represents the logic of lunatics and (for the most part) of philosophers. It is reason divorced from reality.
The card is also ruled by the Sun in Gemini, but the mercurial airy quality of the Sign serves to disperse his rays; this card shows the disruption and disorder of harmonious and stable energy.
In the Yi King, Sol in Gemini is the virtue of the 43rd Hexagram, Kwai, the Watery modification of the Phallus; also, by the interlacing interpretation, the harmony of these two same Trigrams.
The signification is perfectly harmonious with that of the Ten of Swords It represents the damping down of the Creative impulse, weakness, corruption, or mirage affecting that principle itself. But, viewing the Hexagram as a weapon or method of procedure, it counsels the ruler to purge the state of unworthy officers. Curiously, the invention of written characters to replace knotted strings is ascribed among Chinese scholars to the use of this hexagram by the sages. Gemini is ruled by Thoth; 10 is the key of the Naples Arrangement; and Apollo (Sol) is the patron of literature and the arts: so his suggestion might appear at least no less suitable to the Qabalistic correspondences than to their double emphasis on Water and the Sun.
Apart from this, however, the parallelism is complete.

Waite - Pictorial Key 29
Divinatory Meanings: Whatsoever is intimated by the design; also pain, affliction, tears, sadness, desolation. It is not especially a card of violent death. Reversed: Advantage, profit, success, favour, but none of these are permanent; also power and authority.
Additional Meanings: Followed by Ace and King, imprisonment; for girl or wife, treason on the part of friends. Reversed: Victory and consequent fortune for a soldier in war.

Mathers' 1888 document 30
54. Ten of Swords.— Tears, Affliction, Grief, Sorrow; R. Passing Success, Momentary Advantage.

Etteila's Tarot (1788) 31
Ten of Swords - Tears

Symbols on the Card

Book "T" 27
Four hands (as in previous symbol) hold eight swords with points falling away from each other. Two hands hold two swords crossed in the centre (as if their junction had disunited the others). No rose, flower or bud is shown. Above and below Sun and Gemini.

Book of Thoth 28
The hilts of the Swords occupy the positions of the Sephiroth, but the points One to Five and Seven to Nine touch and shatter the central Sword (six) which represents the Sun, the Heart, the child of Chokmah and Binah. The tenth Sword is also in splinters. It is the ruin of the Intellect, and even of all mental and moral qualities.

Waite - Pictorial Key 29
A prostrate figure, pierced by all the swords belonging to the card.

Symbols and Colors that Reinforce GD Correspondences

Symbols that Supply Additional Information

Another perspective - From Joan Bunning's site


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