Knight of Pentacles

Waite-Smith (Rider Waite) Thoth (Crowley-Harris) Hermetic (Dowson)
Ceremonial Magick (DuQuette) Magickal (Clark) Golden Dawn Ritual (Cicero)
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Golden Dawn Title
Book "T" - The Titles of the Tarot Symbols
17. The Knight of Pentacles is
The Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land
King of the Spirits of the Earth
Element and Subelement Fire of Earth.
Element Colors on Arm on the Rose Cross
King Scale (Col XV of 777)
Red (Fire) and Black (Earth)
To be complete, Fire is Glowing orange scarlet and Earth is Citrine, Olive, Russet and Black
Letter of the Name Yod force of the Name in the suit of Pentacles
Kabbalistic World of the Suit Assiah
Suit Element in Color Scale for the Title Citrine, Olive, Russet and Black
Earth (#32bis) in King Scale
Sephirah Correspondence (Knight/King) Beside Chokmah(2)
Sephirotic Color in Queen Scale Grey
Ornaments (Crest)
Specified in Book "T"
Winged Stag's Head
Symbols Specified in Book "T"
From Book "T" and W.W. Westcott Court Cards document
Light brown horse. Ripe corn land / Corn field below. Sceptre with Hexagram as Z.A.M. / Wand with Hexagram in right hand, pentacle in left hand
Sigil of his scale
From W.W. Westcott Court Cards document
Hair and Eye Color
Specified in Book "T"
Dark hair, dark eyes

Zodiac: Triplicity
Card Rules the Decans
Primary Sign

° Leo to 20° Virgo
Triplicities of the Zodiac
Book of Thoth, p. 286
Mountains - Violent pressure (due to gravitation)
Sign's Color in Kabbalistic World of this Suit Virgo (#20) in Assiah: Plum colour
Queen Scale: Slate Grey, King Scale: Green Yellowish
Sign is Ruled by Planet Mercury (Exaltation is Mercury)
Planet's Color in Kabbalistic World of this Suit Mercury (#12) in Assiah: Indigo, rayed violet
Queen Scale: Purple, King Scale: Yellow
Season Late Summer
Trump Cards associated with Zodiac Signs
"For they link together the signs"
Strength (Leo) to Hermit (Virgo)
Decans and Pip Cards
For this card... for the sign will be different for the first decan
Mars in Leo (7 of Wands)
Sun in Virgo (8 of Disks)
Venus in Virgo (9 of Disks)
Geomantic Figure (s) Conjunctio (Mercury in Virgo)
I Ching Hexagram
According to Crowley in Book of Thoth
62nd hexagram, Hsiao Kwo

Abbreviated Meanings according to Book "T", Crowley and Waite

Book "T"
Unless very well dignified he is heavy, dull, and material. Laborious, clever, and patient in material matters.
If ill dignified, he is avaricious, grasping, dull, jealous; not very courageous, unless assisted by other symbols.

Crowley in Book of Thoth
Those whom he symbolizes tend to be dull, heavy and preoccupied with material things. They are laborious and patient, but would have little intellectual grasp even of matters which concern them most closely. Their success in these is due to instinct, to imitation of Nature. They lack initiative; their fire is the smouldering fire of the process of growth.
If ill-dignified, these people are hopelessly stupid, slavish, quite incapable of foresight even in their own affairs, or of taking an intelligent interest in anything outside them. They are churlish, surly, and jealous (in a dull sort of way) of what they instinctively realize is the superior state of others; but they have not the courage or intelligence to better themselves. Yet they are always irritably meddling about petty matters; they interfere with, and inevitably spoil, whatever comes their way.

Waite - Pictorial Key
Divinatory Meanings: Utility, serviceableness, interest, responsibility, rectitude-all on the normal and external plane. Reversed: inertia, idleness, repose of that kind, stagnation; also placidity, discouragement, carelessness.
Additional Meanings: An useful man; useful discoveries. Reversed: A brave man out of employment.

Symbols on the Card

Book "T"
A DARK Winged Warrior with winged and crowned helmet: mounted on a light brown horse. Equipment as the Knight of Wands.
The winged head of a stag or antelope as a crest. Beneath the horse's feet is fertile land with ripened corn. In one hand he bears a sceptre surmounted by a hexagram: in the other a Pentacle like that of the Zelator Adeptus Minor.

Book of Thoth
This warrior is short and sturdy in type. He is clothed in great solidity of plate armour; but his helmet, which is crested with the head of a stag, is thrown back, for at the moment his function is entirely con- fined to the production of food. For this reason he is armed with a flail. The disk which he bears, moreover, is very solid; it represents nutrition. These characteristics are borne out by his horse; a shire horse, solidly planted on all four feet, as was not the case with the other Knights. He rides through the fertile land; even the distant hills are cultivated fields.

Waite - Pictorial Key
He rides a slow, enduring, heavy horse, to which his own aspect corresponds. He exhibits his symbol, but does not look therein.

The Four Kings or Figures mounted on steeds represent the Yod forces of the Name in each suit, The Radix, Father, and commencement of Material Forces. A Force in which all the others are implied and of which they form the development and completion. A force swift and violent in action, but whose effect soon passes away, and therefore symbolized by a figure on a steed riding swiftly and clothed in complete armor. Therefore is the knowledge of the scale of the King so necessary for the commencement of all magical working.(p. 544 Regardie)

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