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SCA Potluck Recipes

A selection of tasty recipes compiled by Hildegarde Stickerin for an Introduction to Medieval Food Class, presented September 14, 2002 at the Midlands Newcomer Seminar, and then again the next year September 13, 2003.

Although the majority of recipes are Anglo-Norman 14th and 15th century, other cultures and time periods are included - including some "Laurel Kingdoms" oldies that are not perfectly authentic.

Apologies, but this is not fully complete at this time... I am continuing to work on webbing it from my paper sources. As a result some of the recipes do not yet have functional links.
In the meantime, the full selection of recipes without the extensive notes can be seen by downloading the handout. The entire printed handout is in two parts:

Finger Foods and Dips

Digby's Savory Toasted Cheese (Cheese Goo)
Modern analogues would be fondue and Welsh Rarebit

Sauces for Boiled/Roasted Meats

Sawse Aliper / Sauce Alapeure (Garlic Pepper Sauce)
Excellent for beef
Cameline (Cinnamon Sauce)
Good for roast lamb, chicken or pork
Cormarye (Coriander-Caraway Sauce)
This recipe shows it as a preparation for a pork loin roast
Freseyes or Strawberye (Strawberry Sauce)
Excellent for roast chicken
Horseradish-Honey Sauce
Incredible with ham

Sops, Pottages, Brewets, Civets

Stwed Beef (Braised Beef)
Beef ribs baked in a sauce of wine, currants, & onions (and many notes about Beef Stew in period)
Fartes of Portingale (Lamb Meatball Soup)
Chappons, veel, aux Herbes (Capon with Herbs)
In addition to this redaction, for a capon stewed with herbs and bacon fat, other period recipes for capons and hens are provided.
Caboches in Potage (Cabbage Soup)
White Leek Bruet
A dish of leeks, salt pork and almonds

Savory Pies and Tarts

Pies of Parys
Mincemeat Pie
Tart in Ymbre Day
Onion Cheese Quiche
Spinach Tart
Spinach Cheese Quiche
Cheese Pasties
Perioid traditional British pasty with notes about other cheese pastries
Willhilda's Mushroom Puffs Pastry
aka Mushroom Pastries, Funges in Pastry, Champignons en Paste

Casseroles and Other Savory Dishes

Blawmanger ("White Dish" - Chicken/Almond/Rice Dish)
Leche Lumbard (Meat Loaf/Raisin Almond Milk Sauce)
Viaunde of Cypres Ryalle (Cold Chicken Mincemeat)
Losyns (Lozenge/Diamond-Shaped Noodle Lasagne)
Armored Turnips
Baked turnips layered with cheese

Vegetable Dishes and Salads

Buttered Wortes
Funges (Mushrooms and Leeks)
A Carrot Sallad
Medieval Coleslaw
A perioid cabbage salad
Spinach (with Bacon and Currants)
BONUS (not on handout) - From Jubilee 2003 feast done by Baroness Anntoinette Rose


Tartys in Applis (Apple/Fig Pie)
Honey/Almond Cheesecake
A perioid version with notes about more authentic versions from various periods
Syrosye (Cherry Pottage)
Shortbread (To make fine cakes)
Shrewsbury Cakes
Circletes (Almond Cardamom Cookies)
Hais (No-Cook Date-Nut Balls)


Almond Milks


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