9 bunches fresh spinach
2 sticks butter
2 cups pea broth from pea soup or vegetable broth
12 slices bacon, cut up into small pieces
3 TB sugar or boiled sweet wine instead of sugar
1-1/2 cups currants
1 tsp pepper
2 tsp ginger

Wash spinach well making sure to remove all sand, drain, then pat leaves dry with paper towels.
Melt butter in a pan.
When melted, add spinach, and cook stirring until well wilted.
Add pea broth set aside for this purpose earlier in the day or vegetable broth, sugar, currants, pepper, and ginger to cooked spinach.
Set aside one serving dish worth without bacon at this point for vegetarian and Kosher diners.
Add bacon to remainder of spinach in cooking pan.
Bring it to a boil so a little broth develops and bacon is cooked through.
Dish, being sure to keep bowl without bacon clearly separate from those with bacon.

Source for Recipe Presented

From Marx Rumpolt, Ein New Kochbuch - Redaction by Anahita bint abd al-Karim al-Fassi

Province of the Mists Boar Hunt 2001 From Marx Rumpolt, Ein New Kochbuch, c. 1581 Transliteration and translation 1999 by M. Grasse
194. Wash the spinach nice (and) clean and press the water well out throw in hot butter in a pan and fry it well therein pour a little pea broth and a little bacon thereunder put also a little sugar and small raisins therein a little pepper and ginger let it come to a boil so a little broth develops so it becomes good and welltasting. If you have no sugar, so pour sweet wine, that has boiled therein and let it simmer with that so it is good also.


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