Path Notes

Spiritually, I am a cognitive practitioner and contemplative, and have been working with the Tarot since 1983. Though my journey began with books by Merlin Stone, Barbara Walker, Zsuzsanna Budapest, Starhawk, Marion Weinstein, Judy Chicago, and Mary Daly in the early 1980's, it wasn't long before Eris intervened and Illuminatus! and R.A.W. warped my worldview. My path took a more hermetic direction for the several years, before turning in the direction of healing traditions and eastern philosophy.

Some favorite quotes and thoughts

Ritual and Devotional Writings

While it is going to be a project to find these items on old backup discs, I'm planning to put up ritual texts I was involved in writing.

Writings on Tools for Intuition Development (Tarot)

While I was a stay-at-home mom, I did quite a bit of writing on the subject of Tarot often under the Lelandra pen-name. When my son went to school, I retrained as a massage therapist, and have taken a hiatus from this subject matter for a while.

Pictorial Collections

Essays here at

Tarot Study Group

For a couple of years I ran a Tarot study group at Pages for All Ages. Here is the files section of the yahoogroup for cutsg, which contains the handouts I made.

Print Publications

  • tarot reader An article on RWS (Rider-Waite-Smith) Variations in Llewellyn's 2005 Tarot Reader (North American Release August 2004)
  • talking about the elephantDevouring Kitsch: Image Collecting and Cultural Appropriation in Lupa's anthology Talking about the Elephant: An Anthology of Neopagan Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation (Immanion Press/Megalithica Books, 2008)

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