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Postmodern Decks Beginning With C

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Tarot of the Cat People. Karen Kuykendall . 1985 US Games Systems. - This is kind of a multicultural deck, except that all of the cultures are from the creator's science fiction world. I have a friend who has replaced this deck twice she uses it so heavily. Myself, I'm as much a dog person as a cat person. There are cats on every single card of this deck.

Cat People Page of Cups book and deck

The Celtic Wisdom Tarot Deck. Caitlin Matthews author, Olivia Rayner illustrations. 1999 Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont. - Theme: Celtic

Celtic Wisdom Woman of Art (Cups) book and deck

Children Tarot. Lele Luzzati. 2000 Lo Scarabeo. - This deck by a children's book illustrator has coverage in the LWB of "how to go from the cards to a story and vice versa."

Children Knave of Chalices deck

The Chinese Tarot Deck. Jui Guoliang. 1989 US Games Systems. - The whole notion of making a Chinese Tarot is a fascinating one, and this deck is a successful effort in creating "card designs based upon the symbolism, legends, beliefs, manners and customs of ancient China". The deck is enlivened by gods, demons and ghosts from the Chinese pantheon, such as the Heavenly Twins and the God of Longevity, and beautified by other traditional painting subjects, such as the "four gentlemen" (the plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo). The artwork on this deck fits into the millenia-old tradition of chinese watercolor painting. This is more of an art deck rather than an attempt to blend Tarot with a structurally different tradition, whether that be Taoist alchemy or I Ching or anything else.

Chinese Page of Cups deck

Tarot of the Cloisters. Michelle Leavitt. 1993 US Games Systems - A round deck, very similar to the RWS that looks like stained glass

Cloisters Page of Vessels deck

Comparative Tarot. (Text by Valerie Sims). 2002 Lo Scarabeo. - This deck shows 4 different decks from 4 different schools of tarot on each card. The decks are Tarot of Marseilles, Universal Tarot (Roberto de Angelis), Tarot of the Sphinx (Silvana Alasia), and Tarot of the Origins (Piero Alligo and Manfredi Toraldo, painted by Servio Toppi)

Comparative Knave of Chalices deck

Cosmic Tarot. Norbert Loesche. 1988 F.X. Schmid - This is a very popular deck, with a theater, dance and film emphasis in much of the imagery. Often called the "movie star" deck, because the faces of stars like Greta Garbo, Charles Bronson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Gregory Peck can be recognized on some of the cards. This deck is frequently chosen as a first deck by new tarot readers, as it has a reputation of being a "rider waite clone". In my opinion, it's not actually that close of a clone, as I show in the Picture is Worth 1000 Words page linked below. Tom Tadfor Little calls this deck Crowleyesque, and I certainly agree that the meanings illustrated on the pips have lost the concern about appeasing the old Etteilla-based meanings so commonly shown on the RWS. These are much more clearly derived from the qabalistic and astrological attributions.

Cosmic Princess of Cups deck Clarson book Huets book

The Cosmic Tribe Tarot Deck. Stevee Postman. 1998 Destiny Books, Rochester Vermont. Text Copyright (c) 1998 Eric Ganther and Stevee Postman - Let's just say this is not a deck appropriate for children or the church bazaar (as it has a noteworthy amount of nudity), but it is a very interesting postmodern deck. This deck comes out of the technopagan alternative culture (e.g. Burning Man), includes 3 Lover cards to choose between (man-man, woman-woman, and man-woman), and it is apparent that the artist drew a lot of inspiration from the Thoth deck.

Cosmic Tribe Princess of Cups book and deck

Crow's Magick Tarot Deck. Londa Marks. 1998 US Games Systems. - Valerie Sim-Behi wrote that This deck is a unique look at astral experiences in a "cyber-Tarot" manner. I can see the cyber... the glowing bright figures on the black background is evocative of cyberspace. Although I love that concept, I'm afraid I personally didn't connect with this deck. This is a very dark and goth deck, full of animals. Keywords and astrological attributions are shown on the cards, but it is not a correspondence scheme I recognize. I no longer have this deck in my collection.

Crow's Magick Page of Cups deck book

The Crystal Tarots. Elisabetta Trevisan. 2000 Lo Scarabeo. Inspired by the art of Gustav Klimt (one of the Art Nouveau painters).

Crystal Knave of Chalices book and deck


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