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Welcome to my mini-reviews of tarot decks. I am working through this list and eventually will have commentary on all the decks, but there are still a handful I have not gotten to yet. I also have links to creators' sites, informative background information, other online reviews, and images elsewhere on the web.

I have tried to be evenhanded, and to restrain myself from saying anything really obnoxious about any of the decks in the list below. But if you are entertained by such commentary, you need to check out some of the things others have said in the Tarot Passages survey about the Worst Tarot Packs they have purchased/seen.

Classic Decks, Pre-Golden Dawn Decks

Visconti Sforza Page of Cups

Visconti-Sforza Tarocchi
Cary-Yale Visconti Page of Cups

Cary-Yale Visconti Tarocchi
Estensi Knave of Chalices

Estensi Tarot
Marseilles Page of Cups

Tarot de Marseilles
Sola Busca Knave of Cups

Sola Busca Tarot
Ancient Italian Knave of Cups

Ancient Italian Tarot (1880)
Oswald Wirth Page of Cups

Oswald Wirth Tarot

Occult (Golden Dawn) Decks

Golden Dawn Princess of Cups
Book "T"
Rider Waite Page of Cups
Waite-Smith (Rider-Waite)
Thoth Princess of Cups
Crowley-Harris Thoth
Wang Golden Dawn Princess of Cups
Golden Dawn
Hermetic Princess of Cups
Gill Princess of Cups
Magickal Princess of Cups
Ceremonial Magick Princess of Cups
Ceremonial Magick
Golden Dawn Ritual Princess of Cups
Golden Dawn Ritual
Tarot of the Sephiroth Princess of Cups
Liber T Princess of Cups
Liber T

Postmodern Decks.

Reviews of Decks A-B

African Tarot Page of Cups
Tarot of the Ages Page of Cups
Tarot of the Ages
Alchemical Tarot Lady of Vessels
Ancestral Path Princess of Cups
Ancestral Path
Arthurian Grail Maiden
Artists Inner Vision Tarot Princess of Cups
Artist's Inner Vision
Barbara Walker Princess of Cups
Barbara Walker
Barnes and Noble Page of Cups
Barnes and Noble
Blake Child of Music
William Blake
Buckland Romani Page of Koros (Cups)
Buckland Romani

Reviews of Decks C

Cat People Page of Cups
Cat People
Celtic Wisdom Woman of Art (Cups)
Celtic Wisdom
Children Knave of Chalices
Chinese Page of Cups
Cloisters Page of Vessels
Comparative Knave of Chalices
Cosmic Princess of Cups
Cosmic Tribe Princess of Cups
Cosmic Tribe
Crow's Magick Page of Cups
Crow's Magick
Crystal Knave of Chalices

Reviews of Decks D-G

Dead Page of Coffins
Dreampower Child of Souls
Enchanted Princess of Hearts
Faery Wicca Card Back
Faery Wicca
Fenton-Bale Page of Cups
Fey Knave of Chalices
Forest Folklore Lady of Cups
Forest Folklore
Gendron Princess of Cups
Gilded Page of Cups
Glastonbury Maid of Chalices
Tarot of the Gnomes Page of Cups
Greenwood Tarot Page of Cups: Kingfisher

Reviews of Decks H-K

Haindl Princess of Cups: Brigid Daughter of Cups in the North
Hanson Roberts Page of Cups
Herbal Page of Cups
Hudes Page of Cups
Inner Child Child of Hearts
Inner Child
Intuitive Page of Cups
Kalevala Princess of Dishes
Kazanlar Page of Cups

Reviews of Decks L

Legend Page of Cups
Light and Shadow Princess of Cups
Light and Shadow
Living Earth Child of Waves
Living Earth
Londa Page of Cups
Lord of the Rings Page of Cups
Lord of the Rings
Tarot of Love Page of Blossoms

Reviews of Decks M

Mage: The Ascension Page of Primordial
Mage: The Ascension
Medicine Woman Apprentice of Bowls
Medicine Woman
Medieval Scapini Page of Cups
Medieval Scapini
Melissa Townsend Princess of Cups
Melissa Townsend
Merlin Page of Fishes
Moon Garden Page of Cups
Moon Garden
Morgan Greer Page of Cups
Morgan Greer
Morgan's Tarot Ignore the Preceding
Mountain Dream Page of Cups
Mountain Dream

Reviews of Decks N-R

Native American Maiden of Vessels
Native American
Nigel Jackson Page of Cups
Nigel Jackson
Tarot of the Northern Shadows Page of Cups
Northern Shadows
Old English Tarot Knave of Cups
Old English
Tarot of the Old Path Page of Cauldrons
Old Path
Osho Zen Page of Water
Osho Zen
PoMo Girl of Bottles
Renaissance Page of Cups
Rock and Roll Princess of Muse: Bjork
Rock and Roll
Robin Wood Page of Cups
Robin Wood
Rock Art Peacemaker of Emotions
Rock Art
Rohrig Princess of Cups

Reviews of Decks S

Sacred Circle Tarot Page of Cups
Sacred Circle
Tarot of the Saints Squire of Cups
Santa Fe Page of Water
Santa Fe
Secret Knave of Chalices
Shakespearian Lady of Crowns
Shapeshifter Tarot Seeker of Water
Sharman Caselli Page of Cups
Shining Tribe Place of Rivers
Shining Tribe
Ship of Fools Page of Cups
Ship of Fools
Silicon Valley Tarot Nerd of Hosts
Silicon Valley
Simplified Tarot Knave of Cups
Solleone Fante di Coppe
Southwest Sacred Tribes Page of Cups
Southwest Sacred Tribes
Spiral Princess of Cups
Tarot of the Spirit Sister of Water

Reviews of Decks T-V

Tarot of the III Millenium Page of Cups
III Millenium
Tarot of the Trance Princess of Cups
Ukiyoe Tarot Page of Cups
Victoria Regina Tarot Princess of Cups
Victoria Regina
Vision Tarot Page of Cups
Vision Quest Daughter of Water
Vision Quest
Voyager Child of Cups: Feeler

Reviews of Decks W-Z

Wheel of Change Tarot Princess of Cups
Wheel of Change
Whimsical Tarot Page of Cups
Waking the Wild Spirit The FortuneTeller
Wild Spirit
Wise Gal Tarot Princess of Cups
Wise Gal
Witches Tarot Card Back
Tarot of the Witches Page of Cups
of the Witches (007)
World Spirit Tarot Page of Cups
World Spirit
Xultun Servant of Cups


A Picture is Worth 1000 Words
Visual Comparison of Decks in Categories

I am an active participant of the Comparative Tarot Mailing List. An excellent list, but be forewarned - if you hang out there long your collection is likely to grow out of control.

You may notice that there are no links to reviews hosted by the site Tarot Passages. That site requests that webmasters of other sites make no more than 10 links to it, which I am respecting by providing only this top-level link. Many decks, most on this list in fact, are reviewed there, but in accordance with the wishes of the maintainers of that site I do not provide links to individual reviews there. If you wish more reviews than those listed here, you can try there as well.


Excellent article by Robert Place about Tarot and History. "...many people in the New-Age culture are uncomfortable with history. They seem to feel that history is a plot to distort reality and protect those in power. Therefore, they reason that the real truth must be found elsewhere, even, at times, in the most illogical of fantasies."


Some Tarot Ezines and Newsletters

Other sites with many articles on Tarot practice

Want to link to this page or any of its subpages? Go for it! It's perfectly legal to do so without asking anyhow! I'm pretty picky about reciprocal links on this top page, but if you have a review to a deck that I haven't linked to, let me know about it and I can link to it from the section pertaining to that deck. Want me to review your deck? I'd love to... email me for arrangements.

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