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Elemental Prayer

I pray to my brother Iesu
My sister Mary Magdal-eder
My mother Mary Theotokos
And my father Yahweh

Open my eyes so that I may see!
Open my ears so that I may hear!
How can I help to heal the wasteland?
Build the Kingdom of God
On Earth as it is in Heaven?

Iesu the Rod
Nailed to a Cross
Stabbed through the heart by the spear that wounds
But the fire can be made to heal
Lead our spirits

Mary the Bride
The grail hidden through the millenia
Earth needs to drink from the cup of love
Heal our hearts

Mary the Mother
Pearl of Purpose
Your tears shine on your cheeks for all to see
Your children hunger
Wander lost
Men have cut open your womb
And replaced the child with a stone

Sword of Light
Giver of Law
The sun parches the earth
Changes Jungle to Desert
Your children need
To dance
In the Light of the Moon
Drink from the Cup of Grace
Inhale Sophia's Wisdom

Crimes profound have been committed
In your name
Teach us now
To receive the knowledge
Rather than cut it in pieces
Like a lawyer preparing for litigation

I ask only
To step along the path
To take up the task of those coming before me
And light well the coming
Of those who trail after

To locate the hallows
The true hidden treasures
Join them together
In balance and pleasure

For when the Bridegroom
And Bride
Are at last reunited
Only then can the garden
Gates be thrown open
Only then can the fisherman's
Wounds stop their bleeding
Only then may the treasures
Be taken from hiding

Not a creed, Not a law,
But a pure inner knowing
Can gather the sparks of yourself
You have lost

But first
The blind must be made to see
The deaf to hear
The lame to walk
And the mute to speak
I am ready to serve
If I only knew how


By Sister Ia


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